Concerning the future

Since this website has been active I have been experimenting with different areas I’d like to concentrate on when it comes to analysis.

The field in which has excited me most and that I feel can be developed further is Social Networking.  The reason being, in my opinion this is something which, by the majority of the population,  statistically is misjudged. This gave me an interest to go further,  looking into Social networking; the mystery behind the numbers. Whether they’re, the number of accounts, tweets/posts per day or the reach that a business has with their customers through Social.

Ever since I wrote the post about “Our Social history”,—

it has become a keen interest of mine to look into Social Media further. It was the only post I wrote which I felt could be extended on dramatically due to common misinterpretation of the variables used. For example, the graphs use ‘Number of users (millions)’. Using this was a little hypocritical as I believe this to be one commonly used variable which is impractical in a number of senses. It is down to the amount of: Inactive accounts, duplicate accounts and fake accounts that make it close to unusable. But the problem with this is that it is extremely difficult to create a tool or programme which can filter out these idle accounts.

Over the next year it will be issues like this which I will be raising and attempting to come up with some form of solution to in a number of small posts. Hopefully there will be a post once per fortnight looking at different areas into Networking each time. All posts relating to how we can go about predicting where we will be a few decades down the line. I will be using methods of Data Visualisation using Tableau and Data Mining gathering information from where I can.

Hope to be seeing you soon.

Lewis Jacques Waite.


About Lewis Waite

This Blog is part of a project I am currently working on to essentially, analyse the Social Networks of today. And by the end predict where we might find ourself in the future.
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